Ali Ahmida interviewed about ISIS and Libyan politics

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Ali Ahmida interviewed about ISIS and Libyan
politics on National Public Radio in Chicago


February 10, 2016 -BIDDEFORD, Maine On February 8, 2016, Ali Ahmida, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Political Science, was interviewed about Libya and ISIS for “Worldview,” a global news program on WBEZ, the National Public Radio station in Chicago.

Ahmida discussed ISIS and the current political situation in Libya. He commented on what he believes led to the ability of the jihadist militant group to flourish in the country: “A combination of both the lack of concerted effort to reign in these groups and the failure of Libyan leadership in tackling the security situation led to making Libya a security threat and also a soft spot [for] ISIS fighters.”

Ahmida is the author of The Libya We do Not Know: History, Culture and Civil Society, was which recently republished in an updated and expanded form.


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